M3L SMPTE ST2110 IP Core Selected by LEADER Electronics for Next-Gen Wave Form Monitor

Kawasaki Japan, March 27, 2018 — MediaLinks LSILab Co.,Ltd. (M3L) today announced that LEADER Electronics Corp (LEADER, JASDAQ:6867) has chosen M3L IP cores IP_SMPTE2022_VD for SMPTE ST2022-6/-7, IP_SMPTE2110 for SMPTE ST2110-10/-20, and IP_SMPTE2059_SLV for ST2059 Slave.

LEADER will showcase new waveform monitors integrating the M3L IP cores at booth C8008 of NAB Show 2018 to be held in Las Vegas, NV from April 9th to 12th.

M3L will continue to develop and sell Video-over-IP solutions for the broadcasting industry where IP production is accelerating . We would like to support and contribute technically to the development of LEADER who contributes innovative challenge, and other broadcast and communication equipment manufacturers.

  1. About LEADER
    • LEADER is a professional manufacturer of electronics measuring instruments specializing in broadcasting and pro-AV market. They manufacture and sell a wide range of electronic measuring instruments, but recently they focus on products targeting to the professional measuring instruments in digital TV broadcasting and multimedia-related market.
  2. About NAB Show
    • NAB Show is the world largetst broadcasting and pro-AV industry event sponsored by NAB (National Associations of Broadcasters). It is held at Las Vegas Convension Center, NV from April to May every year where broadcast and pro-AV companies around the world come together to introduce new equipment and services.
  3. M3L IP-Core Products
  4. About SMPTE ST2022
    • The industry standard ST2022 prescribed by SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineering) is a protcol for transmitting program materials of broadcasting by using the IP network. In the case of connecting devices between relay stations and broadcast stations, between broadcast stations, or between studios inside a station, ST2022 can replace the conventional SDI or MPEG2-TS(ASI) connections.
    • It is classified into seven profiles depending on the type of stream to be transmitted and the rate of their data streams. ST2022-1/-2 is a standard for the constant bit rate of compressed MPEG2-TS stream, ST2022-5/-6 is for uncompressed SDI stream. ST2022-7 defines the method of Hitless to switch transmission lines seamlessly with respect to the data streams from ST2022-1 to -6.
  5. About SMPTE ST2110
    • The industry standard ST2110 prescribed by SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineering) is a basic protocol to connect with data streams between production and playout equipment, so that it can be used on an IP network replacing the conventional SDI connections. The IP production has been expected in the future to virtualize the system configuration and to improve work efficiency by cloud computing.
  6. About SMPTE ST2059
    • The industry standard ST2059 defines the time stamping method by PTP (Precision Time Protocol) used with ST2110. It aims to synchronize time between devices connected by IP network with accuracy of less than microsecond. PTP uses the IEEE1588 standard of network industry.
  7. IP Cores
    • IP core is partial circuit information and/or design assets for configuring LSI and FPGA. Its design is generally acheived by hardware description language (HDL). The business model that delivers IP cores between companies is also established. The company that develops and sells IP cores is called a IP vender and M3L is one of IP venders.
  8.  About M3L
    • M3L is a design engineering company of IP cores dedicated into broadcast and wireline communication market which provides Video-over-IP solution by using SMPTE ST2110, ST2059, and ST2022 technologies.
    • We have been having a motto Quality & Speedy and then supplying IP cores to make your business succeed since 1997 when we established the company. This 20th anniversary is the year of our new challenge. We will develop and release new cutting-edge IP cores for Xilinx FPGAs so that you can achieve your business leveraged by our design.
  9. Inquiries
    • Koji Oyama
      • Director, Business Development, MediaLinks LSILab Co.,Ltd.
      • email: oyama@m3l.co.jp
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