Accelerate your project

FPGA logical circuit design is
entering an era of assembling IP cores.

Speedy & Quality
High quality and short lead time will enhance
your earning power.


Timely product introduction will require drastic reduction in man-hours for FPGA design and test.


If your wanted function is already standardized, do not work on it, but just use an IP core to conform to the standard.


IP cores drastically reduce development man-hours, and moreover, they give solutions to the problems of reliability and interoperability.

Video over IP

We have been taking part in Video-over-IP related activities since ten years ago, and now video distribution services (Video on Demand) have become prospering since 2015. With such a wind at our back, we are committed to fully utilizing every experience for the development of IP cores in this field including the following:



There are two types of IP cores for SMPTE 2022. For TS over IP is SMPTE 2022-1 / 2. For Video over IP is SMPTE 2022-5 / 6. The hitless of SMPTE 2022 - 7 corresponds to both.



IP_SMPTE 2110 is an IP core for video over IP conforming to the SMPTE 2110-10, 20, 30, and 40 standards. It transmits HD, 3G, 4K video of multiple channels on 10 GbE or 25 GbE line.



IP_SMPTE 2059 is an IP core for slaves compliant with SMPTE 2059-1 and 2 standards. Synchronize with the time of the Grand Master, and adjust the video clock and frame phase.

Broadcast quality and never-freeze design

  • “Broadcast quality” brand we attained through a lot of development activities in collaboration with broadcast equipment manufacturers;
  • Never-freeze design technology to prevent broadcast accidents; Structure to return to the initial state always at the boundary between frames or others

High speed communication technology at a level high enough to carry out a national project

  • In the field of high speed communication, our technology is high enough not only to develop industrial-use routers but also to carry out the national project of OTN (Optical Transport Network) by us alone.

Record of zero-times remaking

  • No remaking has been required in the past 20 or more ASIC development projects we undertook.
  • In the field of FPGA development, we are using simulation techniques acquired through ASIC development and we are adopting the most up-to-date techniques such as the use of Lint and other tools.

Sticking to a beautiful RTL

  • Unified description style to care about every single space
  • Design style faithful to fundamentals like lining up TTL-ICs; “Simple is best.”

Training of backbone employees of a major semiconductor vendor

  • Gave lectures in the RTL design and logic composition courses (for two major semiconductor vendors)

“Simple is Best” is the basis of our design style.