Quality & Speedy

High quality and short lead time will enhance your earning power.

Win-win relationship

We are proud of our unparalleled achievement in LSI development with no remaking. Our principle is to develop reliable products to deliver to customers with a small number of engineers instead of pursuing profit through mass-production on a large scale. As a result, we have got trust from many customers and we are always busy accepting their business orders. Producing and delivering high-quality products with a small number of capable engineers, we can secure our stable growth, and hence we are developing win-win relationships with customers.

IP cores we can place anywhere
IP cores we can operate easily
IP cores to work as expected

Our company was established by an engineer who was involved in starting up IP core business of a major semiconductor vendor around 1997 when people began to clamor for IP core business. At that time, however, people emphasized only the convenience and potentiality of IP cores. Without any document such as to give a quality guideline, a bad image of IP cores prevailed.
Through the experience we learned the difficulties with IP cores, we studied how IP cores should be like, and we have long been exploring the method to approach the ideal shape of IP cores.

The ideal is very high and we are still on the way to achieve it, but we are sure that even our current IP cores can help people fully realize the concept of the ideal.
“Quality & Speedy”; If we develop FPGAs in a short period of time without compromising their quality, we can establish win-win relationships with customers. We are committed to continue our effort all the time to pursue the ideal.

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